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The CSA is a non-profit organization that advocates for the welfare of the constituents it serves. Throughout its journey, the CSA has been sustained by the support, generous funding, and contributions of its esteemed members.


As the Clean Search Alliance begins its journey, it invites industry pioneers and visionaries who have been handpicked to attend the round table event, to show their commitment and support as CSA “Contributors”. In lieu of traditional membership fees, invited companies are kindly requested to express their dedication by contributing a one-time fixed amount, set at a minimum of $5,000.

In recognition of their participation, the names of contributing companies, accompanied by their logos and a brief description, will be proudly showcased across a multitude of platforms, including but not limited to:


- The CSA website: A digital testament to excellence, where the industry's finest converge.

- CSA social media channels: Amplifying the voices of innovation.

- CSA 2024 Round Table event: A hallmark occasion, where leaders convene to shape the future of search.

- CSA Mailing List: A conduit of communication, bridging the gap between aspiration and realization.

Looking ahead, the Clean Search Alliance pledges to unveil further avenues for membership following its initial governance meeting. As the alliance matures and evolves, so too shall the opportunities for collaboration and contribution.

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Clean Search Alliance Membership



In January 2024, a significant milestone was reached within the CSA community as the majority of its members rallied in favor of pioneering a new initiative: the creation of an additional track within the CSA framework – the Search Alliance.

The Search Alliance goal is to promote sustainable, consumer-friendly practices within the search ecosystem, emphasizing the optimization of search functionalities for enhanced user experience and traffic quality.

Inaugurating its journey with grandeur, the Search Alliance is proud to introduce its opening event: 


An exclusive round table gathering. 

This exclusive event will unite major search aggregators, distributors, anti-fraud specialists, brand safety advocates, and esteemed search providers under one roof. Together, these industry leaders will embark on a collaborative journey to elucidate and deliberate upon the best practices surrounding traffic quality.

The round table aims to foster an environment for deep discussions that embrace diverse perspectives, ideas and innovation. Through collaboration, the Search Alliance works towards a future where excellence in search functionality becomes a consistent standard. 

Clean Search Alliance

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