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2015 Summary Report

Over the past number of weeks we have continued working hard on establishing the CSA’s infrastructure and executing on many of the principles and action plans we have discussed throughout the past few months.

We have been brainstorming with many industry participants, and the continued outpouring of support and enthusiasm for what the CSA can and will accomplish is nothing short of amazing. We are thrilled to see that industry involvement and engagement are extremely high and we hope to hear from even more participants in the coming weeks. All industry members and consumer groups are welcome and encouraged to be involved and participate in the different activities of the CSA.

Some specific highlights:


The CSA is happy to announce that our “V1” website is now live and available at: Some parts are still in progress, so please keep checking back to see the evolution of the site.


We remind you that commentary period on the Official Draft Guidelines ends on December 31, 2015. You may access the guidelines here or from the website, where you can also submit your feedback. Following this Commentary Period will be a Reconciliation Period for up to 30 days.

Sub Committees, Working Groups

We will be activating two initial sub-committees and one working group in the coming few weeks. These are: the Guidelines Sub-committee; Enforcement Co. Selection Committee and Taggant Implementation Working Group. Working Groups will be open to all industry members; sub-committee participation is initially available only to Taskforce members and Early Supporters (information about becoming an early supporter may be found below). If you are interested in being included in the Taggant Implementation Working Group, or if you are an Early Supporter and want to be considered for participation on the Guidelines Sub-Committee or Enforcement Co. Selection Committee, please let us know by emailing Each group will be led by a Taskforce member, and will have unique deliverables and expectations.

Early Supporters

We would like to again thank all of those companies who have shown their support by becoming Early Supporters of the CSA. We encourage all industry members to consider whether becoming an Early Supporter is right for them. As we have mentioned, two primary benefits of the program include eligibility to join sub-committees as they are formed, and eligibility to participate in pilot programs conducted by theCSA. Early Supporters will also be included in any list published by the CSA of its Early Supporters. Finally, your Early Supporter contribution ($10,000.00 min) will be deducted from future membership fees. The Early Supporter Acknowledgement Form and payment details may be downloaded from here.

All told, 2015 was a pivotal year for the CSA and we are exiting the year with great support and momentum. That said, there is a LOT to do in 2016, and I am incredibly excited about tackling all that is to come.

On behalf of myself and the entire CSA Taskforce, I want to wish everybody warm holiday wishes and a very happy new year!


Adam Agensky CEO, Clean Software Alliance


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