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January 2023 Compliance Round Table Summary

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

In October of 2022 AppEsteem approached the CSA asking to inform our members about their new ACR-013 policy, which states:

“User-committed acquisition workflows are not interrupted with out-of-context, non-essential, or unrelated interstitials that require the user to wait or respond, unless app has first obtained explicit, informed user consent immediately prior to the interruption.”

After sharing this information with CSA members (while emphasizing the CSA was not involved in any way with the development of this policy), many CSA members asked if we knew the reasoning behind this policy.

The CSA contacted AppEsteem to try and get an understanding of their logic, who else in the community is in favor, and if they could share any data that would support the impetus behind this policy.

AppEsteem was unwilling to share the names of any supportive AVs, and they either do not have, or would not share any data to support the claim that this policy would reduce user confusion.

After speaking with AV members of the CSA community, we have yet to find any who have expressed support for this policy. In fact, several small and large AV’s have expressed an objection to this policy.

Looking Ahead:

The CSA already has data driven guidelines which specifically cover the installation flow and advertiser offers. These guidelines were developed and agreed upon by companies within the industry, AV’s, and Microsoft.

As such, the CSA has decided to issue the following statement:

It is the view of CSA that providing offers during an installation flow is a legitimate monetization practice, as long as those offers are aligned with the CSA guidelines.


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